With the exception of our soup-based dishes, all items on our menu are available for take-away.

For home delivery, our take-away menu is now available through Deliveroo.

For collection orders, a 10% discount is applied to the total order amount. There is a minimum charge of £1 for any additions or amendments to our standard dishes. Please ask staff for details.

Download this menu as a PDF.

Dishes suitable for a vegetarian diet are marked v.

Wok-fried 炒め物

Stir-fried noodles with chopped green peppers, carrot, cabbage, and beansprouts; or cha-han (egg fried rice) with mixed vegetables.

Chilli チリソース

Yakisoba noodles or boiled white rice served with a tomato-based chilli sauce with red & green peppers.

Curry カレー

A light Japanese curry sauce served with yakisoba noodles or boiled white rice.

Donburi どんぶり

A traditional Japanese rice dish simply served in a large bowl with one topping.

Bento お弁当

Portable meal boxes with a variety of bite sized foods. Served with 3× sushi, 3× gyoza, 2× onigiri (rice parcels), and miso soup & pickles.

Sushi 寿司

Japan’s most representative food. It is a dish of cooked vinegared rice which is either topped with ingredients (nigiri) or put into rolls (maki). All our sushi are hand-made to order on the premises. Served with sushi ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Nigiri consists of an oblong mound of hand-formed sushi rice with a topping draped over it. Served in pairs.

Maki simply means roll. Sushi rice is pressed onto a sheet of nori with the various fillings added before being rolled up using a bamboo mat. Cut into four or six pieces to serve.

Temaki is one large piece of nori shaped into a cone containing the rice and ingredients.

Sushi Platters 寿司盛り合わせ

Perfect for sharing or as a main meal.

Sides 一品料理

Extras その他

All dishes on this menu are subject to availability. Prices correct at time of publication. We do not use nut as an ingredient, however there may be traces in certain products. If you have any other allergies, or have any questions about the ingredients used in our dishes, please let us know.